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By Richard S. Imus 16 Nov, 2015

Looking For A Reliable Bob Tail Dump Truck Service In Mount Vernon Washington?

Our goal is to provide the most reliable small load dump trucking service available in Skagit Valley based in Mount Vernon Washington . Since starting in 2000, our business services has grown to now include trucking and transportation. Safety and fair business practices with the most efficient means has enabled us to become a trusted business in Skagit Valley.

We take pride that our service includes excavation and coordinating the hauling and dumping at approved sites. Creative Concrete Products, LLC dba. NuDriveways successfully caters to our customer’s specific needs daily. Our reputation is rock solid, pleasant & respectful a company that you will enjoy.

Call if you are need any of the following services:
  • Excavation & Grading
  • Dump truck Hauling
  • Equipment Hauling Up To 12,000 lbs.
  • Small Loads or Short Loads
  • Vehicle Transport (trucks or cars)
  • Bark Delivery
  • Soil Removal
  • Sand Delivery
  • Gravel Hauling
  • Asphalt Trucking
Now Call Dave at 360-202-8961 to schedule an appointment.
By Richard S. Imus 09 Nov, 2015
We made a custom logo to imprint into the fresh concrete surface and then colored the logo using Sherwin Williams concrete colors.  Afterwards we sealed the floor with a color safe sealer to add years to the floors durability.
By Richard S. Imus 08 May, 2014 is owned by Creative Concrete Products, LLC, in Mount Vernon Washington and has been in business since 2000. Customers come first at and that means that they will listen to you, the home owner, and create exactly the look you desire. Whether you are looking for decorative concrete work, asphalt paving, or just need your driveway seal coated, it is important to have the work done by trained, licensed professionals such as They will put you, and your vision for your property, at the forefront of everything they do.

Asphalt and concrete can not only make your home look better, but it will increase your property value as well. Pavement and landscaping improvements such as these have the benefit of lasting a many more years than other types of landscaping, and they look great for all of those years. They have the benefit of making the property look neat and clean.

Not only will the outside of your home look better, but think about the inside, too. If you and your family are driving up and down a dirt driveway, walking around in the yard after it rains, or just coming in and out of the house from the car, you are tracking in dirt, mud, and other messy articles from outside. With a paved driveway and approach to your home, much of this current mess is done away with. Now add a beautiful concrete patio where your family can spend time together, and you've eliminated even that much more dirt from the inside of your home.

Overall, there are many needs that are filled by a professional concrete and asphalt company. Check out to find the premier company in Skagit County to perform the work you need done, when you need it. You may even find some great ideas there that you never thought of!

By Richard S. Imus 24 Apr, 2014
In Skagit County a reputable concrete contractor in Mount Vernon, Washington can design stylish driveways to elevate the value of the properties in question, whether it is a residential or commercial building. Actually, driveways are just as important as the landscaping aspects of a home, such as a garden. Concrete driveways that are decorative and stylish are not just popular locally, but also on the global arena.

There are various types of concrete driveways, such as plain, exposed aggregate and colored. Homeowners can easily hire an experienced driveway contractor in Mount Vernon, Washington to construct for them these kinds of driveways according to their preference, tastes, personality, budget and even existing home décor.

Aggregate concrete driveways that are exposed are not just decorative with beautiful finishes, but also very fashionable. They have rough surfaces that are skid-proof yet comfortable enough for a person to walk on them on bare feet. Plain concrete has an ordinary look because it is constituted by a standardized mixture of cement. It is the cheapest option in the market and its finishes are commonly referred to as ‘stipple’.
The only difference between colored and plain concrete driveways is the fact that the former kind is given a finishing touch of any given color of choice.

A Skagit County concrete contractor in Mount Vernon, Washington can help customers choose the best driveways for their property that suits their tastes and budgets. Driveways also come in a range of styles to match, complement or contrast the exterior and interior décor of homes with a beautiful touch.

A popular driveway style is the spray-on finish. In order to attain this style, cement is mixed with pigment and sprayed on top of a driveway that is in existence to form a thin layer; this helps maintain the texture and finish of the driveway. Apart from the stylish top layer finish being affordable and durable, it protects the driveway from harsh weather conditions like snow, rain and the heat from the sun. When revamping the looks of worn out or faded driveways, spray-on finish can be used by Skagit County paving contractors in Mount Vernon, Washington without having to construct it from scratch, making it a good option for homeowners on a tight budget.

Due to the fact that spray-finish styles consume less time and are easy to construct, homeowners can opt to go the DIY way. All the need is creativity to come up with designs that are stylish. The surfaces of old driveways must be cleaned and primers used to seal cracks before the finish is applied. There is no better way of adding style to driveways, improving the value of homes and giving it a completely different look than using the spray-on finishes. Whichever style is chosen for the driveway should also match the personality and style of the home or property owner.

Driveway contractor in Skagit County Mount Vernon, Washington also provides renovation, repair and broadening services of driveways. Contact us today for a customized quote or to discuss more about your needs. 
By Richard S. Imus 06 Apr, 2014
Does the concrete or pavement on your property’s driveway just beg for a refresh? Curb appeal is one of the most important details for any home or business, and if your driveway is cracked, faded, worn or in disrepair, or just old and outdated, you need to get it fixed. But driveways can be a tricky business. There is a lot of expertise required when setting down a driveway, and you need to choose someone that not only can get the job done, can creatively choose the right techniques and materials to maximize your curb appeal. If you live in the Mount Vernon area of Washington State, then don’t hesitate to contact Creative Concrete Products, LLC for your driveway and sidewalk needs.

David and Richard Imus, the owners of Creative Concrete Products, LLC, are not only excellent at their craft, they are true, hardworking guys that want to deliver quality results. They have been in the construction industry around the Puget Sound area since the 1980’s, and founded Creative Concrete Products, LLC in 2000. This is important because to give your driveway or sidewalk the makeover it deserves the folks doing the work really need to not only understand what they’re doing with the driveway, but how the overall work will affect the property. The experience David and Richard bring is unparalleled, and they can make sure that your project exceeds your expectations and is done right the first time. They love what they do and this really shows in the personal touches you receive when you work with Creative Concrete Products, LLC.

Another benefit of choosing Creative Concrete Products, LLC is the sheer diversity of the options they offer. Whether you’re looking for gravel, concrete or pavement, they can help. And not only do they offer these three options, Creative Concrete Products, LLC offers the latest, most fashionable techniques and materials in each category. Think concrete is just boring old concrete? Wait until you see what these guys can do! From stamping concrete to mixing it with natural materials, they can create any look that you desire. If you dream it, they can make it happen. And even if you’re not sure what you want, the guys at Creative Concrete Products, LLC will offer you a free consultation and they can walk you through your options. David and Richard have great style sensibilities, and they will end up helping you choose a look that fits your whole house’s design.
By Richard S. Imus 23 Mar, 2014
Whether someone is selling a house, taking important clients on a tour of a facility, or simply bringing friends over for a dinner or a barbecue, they will definitely make sure that, with all the amenities and niceties, their property looks top notch. What does the eye come in contact with first? The façade of the house, the garden, and a very important, yet often overlooked detail: the driveway. There is no telling to what a bad looking, simple concrete driveway can do to the overall symmetry and impression of your property. Well, in fact, yes there really is.

A poorly crafted of maintained driveway can subconsciously ruin or make the visitor's experience of the building less enjoyable. The driveway is the first thing people come in physical contact with, whether on foot or through the tires of their car. Make the visitors feel welcome; make them feel like the path to your residence is a path paved with gold, not simply with the ordinary, dull and uninviting grayness of regular concrete.

Think about this, who do you call in to do a job like that in Skagit County, simple and beautiful on the surface, yet complex and scientific beneath it?

Mount Vernon WA and its surroundings can count on the folks here at Nu Driveways to turn their old, rusty looking driveways into healing wonders for the eyes. We specialize in various techniques and styles, offer a wide array of materials and ideas, and will act according to your every need and desire. Amongst others, the product we excel at and are most fond of, are stamped and decorative concrete driveways and patios.

Stamped concrete , often called textured, patterned or imprinted concrete, is concrete that replicates and resembles slate, various types of stone, wood, tile and even brick. Stamped concrete driveways can offer a residence an immediate look of elegance, professionalism and symmetry. Every color imaginable is available, and combinations of all custom colors and textures are ready to turn the dream of your perfect driveway or patio into the very reality it deserves.

Lead your guests from your Nu Driveways beauty of a driveway, to the very spot they will relax and dine for the evening, the patio, also done by our team. Simply wait for someone to put forth a question: "Who did your driveway? Who did the patio?" Our work speaks for itself.

Nu Driveways offers a free estimate, and assures its customers of a healthy relationship between the high quality of our work and prices we charge for it. Highly affordable, highly reliable professionalism and the very warm human amiability of our workers will make your search for a perfect company and contractor to do your stamped or decorative concrete driveway and patio a short one.
Looking for a concrete contractor in Skagit County ?

Call Creative Concrete Products, LLC for an appointment today and start the exciting process from imagination to reality.  Dial 360-419-9909.
By Richard S. Imus 04 Nov, 2013
Thinking about building an exposed aggregate driveway or patio? Have you thought about an exposed aggregate sidewalk? It is good to give some extra thought to these permanent fixtures of your homes landscape. It's best to think about hiring a professional for this task. These projects can look easy but there are many considerations before taking on a job to this magnitude.

For instance, you may have talked to a friend and they told you, "Awe it's easy." He or she may have said something like, "yeah this guy came over and spilled out the concrete, then spread it out flat and spayed some sugary coke looking stuff on it and an hour later he was washing it off and you could see the beautiful rocks." Sound kinda familiar? You should know there is more to it than meets the eye.

There is much that this so called friend left out like:
  • What mix design was used?
  • What was the temperature at the time?
  • What base did the concrete get poured on to?
  • What type of tools did the finisher use?
  • How long before the sugary coke went on?
  • How long after the sugary coke stuff went on before he washed off the surface?
  • How did the rocks look so shiny afterwards?
It may sound funny but all these questions need proper answers before correctly administering the right concrete concoction for every temperature variant or substrate and or soil condition even down to the look & the feel of the concrete. This takes a professional finisher years to master and some never do. So answer the question, how is a homeowner going to pull this off right the first time? Don't try!
What can you do to save money? Not much because even the form work needs the proper slopes and elevations to prevent puddling. Here is a photo of an exposed patio to show you.

Please give this some thought and call us. We will be happy to come do your concrete work professionally and right the first time.
Call NuDriveways 360-419-9909

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