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Baxter Plaza - Centralia Washington
- Epoxy, Monilithic Cement, Sand-Cusioned Cement, & Pre-Cast Terrazzo

Baxter Plaza was a unique opportunity to show off our companies abilities and talents.   Central to this is an epoxy terrazzo art piece depicting perspectives from near to far.  We outlined structures of buildings in the surrounding area then Lewis County.  The State of Washington is also depicted as well as the continents of the world.  Clocks show the various time zones and added is a compass rose.  Supplementing the effect is our solar system and the planets orbital spheres.  The art piece was so time consuming we finished just days before the buildings opening day.

The art piece by artist Robert Calvo was not the only central feature here.  Notice the grand staircase we constructed.  The stairs and risers we constructed off-site at our building in Mount Vernon, Washington.  Then the steps were mortared into place - two rows a day until the center landing where we poured the landing with monolithic-terrazzo and hand ground in place.  After all the steps were mortared we ground in the steps and poured non-skid  into their front edges.  When this was finished we cleaned and grouted between the steps and set the kick-base along the sides.  After we added a finishing touch of hand poured base at the bottom turn.  Cleaning again thoroughly we added two coats of sealer - Crystal Seal.

Surrounding the art piece and going down two hallways was white and green/ black sand cushioned cement terrazzo.  There is also a second stairway with white cement terrazzo steps.  This is a building worth stopping by on the way to Seattle or Portland as it is right in the middle thus appropriately named Centralia.

Epoxy provided by General Polymers a Sherwin Williams company- Rep. Scott Kaiser

Mid Columbia Hospital - The Dalles, Oregon
- Monolithic Cement Terrazzo

A replica of Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth this monolithic cement terrazzo art piece was constructed under the cover of a big white tent in the winter months.  We hand bent the zinc strips that outline the paths, crosses and half-circles on site.  We epoxied the strips so that the tops of each strip would plane together to form a dome to the center.  Because of its strength helicopters can use this as a landing pad.

Custom Made Epoxy Terrazzo Shower Stall and Pan
- Key Resin Epoxy

Epoxy Resin Flooring by Sherwin Williams

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