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About Creative Concrete Products, LLC
- Fifteen Years Serving The Northwest

"Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams"

Cement Terrazzo Washington State
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    If you're looking for a new concrete driveway, or specialty floors concrete call us! From simple to complex we are here to help build equity on your property and add beauty to your world.

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    At Creative Concrete Products, LLC we’re a contractor that specializes in surfaces from driveway repair, to beautiful durable floors.  We take pride in our work because we understand our work is on display for many years to come.

Family Owned
-Dedicated To Our Families And Yours!

Richard Imus
"Quality is the most essential part of our products.  I thank the staff at Creative Concrete Products, LLC for their commitment to our customers."
David Allen Imus
"I believe in service beyond the sale of our products. Creative Concrete Products, LLC's best advertisement is our customers sharing with their friends, family and neighbors."

Concrete or Cement

Concrete or cement is one of the most durable, strong finishes and has many varying looks.  It is also more readily available and widely used which makes it the most cost effective.  As an experienced concrete / cement contractor, we take care to address all of our customers concerns that include; price, architecture, textures, colors and finishes. Each job, whether naturally smooth concrete to Cement Terrazzo Floors, has a different set of circumstances and customer preferences. As a good concrete contractor we understand you made us your selection and we must perform to your personal expectations and satisfaction. We will take the time to do your job well because you are important first. Our reputation comes from years of customers like you being cared for by our talents, service and your imaginations.

Epoxy Floor Systems

Epoxy matrix coating systems are a durable way to finish floors in for commercial industrial, homes and shop floors and garages.  There are many types of systems although all epoxy systems require  moisture density testing and good floor preparation before coatings can be applied.   This requires a knowledgeable applicator to make sure the floor is prepared right and can be coated.

With our experience spanning two decades we can assure our clients their new epoxy floor will be warranted to last the length of the manufactures specifications.  Our floors come with warranties so call us today for a free estimate. 360-419-9909
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    Epoxy Flooring Over Concrete Slab

  • Epoxy Flooring - Bedroom & Bath

    Epoxy Flooring - Bedroom & Bath

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    Slab on grade are perfect applications for epoxy flooring.

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    Custom Made Epoxy Terrazzo Shower Stall

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    Terrazzo Is Made With Mable Chips, Mother Of Pearl in An Epoxy Matrix

  • Epoxy Terrazzo Art

    We Hand Crafted This In Chehalis Washington

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    Visit Our Terrazzo Page For More Photos


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    115A Lind St, Mount Vernon, WA98273

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      7:30 am - 5:30 pm

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    Private Parking Lot

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