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In Washington State Our Low-Profile Safe Design Sets Our Curbs Apart From Our Competition.

Your customers will love the look of the contoured design of our precast concrete parking curbs that are low-profile in the Skagit Valley.  If you're needing  an architects or engineers approval to use our precast concrete wheel stops / parking bumpers vs. the boiler plate design call us and we will do your submital for you.  We have already done much of the leg work with the engineers in Washington State the approvals will be speedy.

If your client desires  parking designation on the concrete curbs for parking lots or would like another way to brand themselves we can emboss & paint custom logos for an extra cost.  You and your customers can take pride in modern and eye appealing parking lot.

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-Custom logos, like the dog paw, & parking designation stamps are extra

Precast concrete parking curbs - wheel stops

Artistic style & quality matters when purchasing precast concrete parking curbs

Now that I have your attention imagine your family restaurant, clothing store or community hardware supply store outfitted with stylish American Made precast concrete parking curbs having your businesses logos imprinted on them. Now visualize a handicap imprint and possibly giving designation to the employee of the month showing the public how much you care for them and your employees. A veteran’s logo will also prove your companies commitment for patriotism which always bodes well with customers approval.

Perhaps an attorney's office would care to sport a gavel or scales.  Maybe a dental office would like imprints of a tooth or even a tooth fairy.   For all one knows a doctor may choose a doctors bag, band-aids made into a cross, a heart or stethoscope.  Conceivably any design you can imagine we can imprint into your concrete parking curbs making any professional office a more memorable experience to visit.

There are many reasons why you should choose Creative Concrete Products for your precast concrete curb needs.  Here is a short list of why:
  • Family Owned   
  • American Made
  • Impact Resistant Concrete
  • Artistic Design
  • Stamped In Logos - Optional
  • Embossed Parking Designation Logos - Optional
  • Smooth Low-Profile For Small Cars
  • Compliments vs. Complaints

  • Order 5/8" -3/4" Pin Holes

    Classy Modern Design

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  • We Can Add Your Logo

    We specialize in quick-turn-around signiture logo designs

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  • Give Your Parking Lot Curb Appeal

    1/2" & 5/8" Pins Available

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  • Custom Painted Curbs With Paw Print Logo

    We manufacture custom made logos and paking designation.

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  • Wheel Stop or Parking Curb Contractor

    We Do Installtions

    Call us for a free estimate today! 360-419-9909

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Exceptional Quality & Durability

Creative Concrete Products, LLC precast concrete parking curbs are manufactured using high-strength 5,000 p.s.i. concrete 28 days and American grade 60 steel reinforcement in order to insure the highest quality concrete parking curbs.  The weight for each is 185 lbs.

Creative Concrete Products, LLC is a top quality manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete parking curbs / bumpers for both our retail and industrial customers.  Our building contractors and real estate developers across Washington State love our Low-Profile safe design.  Otherwise known as parking chocks, wheel stops, curb stops and bumper blocks, the CCP parking curbs / bumpers protect a vast array of stationary equipment and other parked vehicles from being struck by vehicles. CCP quality high-strength concrete parking curbs / bumpers are made to last for a very long time and their superior strength to withstand wheel impacts including light cars and trucks, sweepers and snowplows.
Curb Weight & Attachment
The standard CCP parking curbs weigh 185 lbs. each with choice of  5/8" or 3/4” anchor holes cast through the curbs to allow for anchoring to the parking lot surfaces.  Pre-cut 1/2" and 5/8" re-bar stakes.

Look for our concrete bollards for parking lots

concrete bollards

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